What is the Steelers emblem?

        Posted: Saturday, April 18, 2009

What is the Steelers emblem? The Pittsburgh Steelers emblem is a variation of the traditional Steelmark logo created by U.S. Steel for the steel industry and now owned and displayed by the American Iron and Steel Institute.

The logo consists of three diamond-like figures, known as astroids (hypocycloids with four cusps), surrounding the word "Steel," all inside a gray circle.

The top astroid is yellow, the middle is red, the bottom is blue. After initially depicting "Steel," the team asked to change the word in the logo to "Steelers," a request granted by the AISI.

What is the Steelers font? The Steelers font is said to be Gunplay, also said to be Stencil, also said to be none of the above.

Why is the Steelers logo on one side? Legend holds that Steelers equipment manager Jack Hart initially tested the logo on only the right side of the helmet in 1962 because of uncertainty over how it would look; the reaction was positive and the logo remained on the right side only. But numerous theories have been offered. The Steelers remain the only NFL team with a logo on only one side of the helmet.

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